Type GPS Speed

Type GPS Speed

Symmetrical speedfin for speed boards.

> maximum size 25 cm.

Jurjen van der Noord`s opinion: Extremely fast, excellent acceleration, no spinout even in chop, very little drag, safe feeling in topspeed.

New Freestyle Fin - FREE (2014)

New Freestyle Fin - FREE (2014)

Michael Rossmeier: "This successor of our great full carbon freestyle fins - the new FREE, was adjusted to all those very demanding high end new school freestyle power moves. It offers incredible speed, pop and still good upwind ability for such small sizes."

Now also available for Slot box!

Recommended fin size for average weight 75kg and main sail 5.2 would be 18-19cm.

New competition fins!


This new powerfull slalom fin is based on type K with a slightly thicker cross section profile near the base. Upwind performance and planing in changing wind conditions are optimized. Compared with type K length of fin can be reduced by 1 or 2 cm, therefore, no speed loss. A fin for competition, ideal size 43 cm or more.

This year there will be no changes of the fin profile. Small adaptations of the rake angle will give an even more harmonious performance.